Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Say I love you with X stitch

To celebrate the birthday of my best friend Anna Duke, (aka The Duke) I gave her this little declaration of my love. The key with any stitch slogan that you wish to put into a frame is to get the frame first! This is essential, trust me, otherwise it's highly unlikely you'll find a suitable sized frame to fit, plus cross stitch always looks better when it's all centred and even. This ornate gold frame was purchased from Laura Ashley for £12 and the only other equipment I needed was 14 count aida in cream, black and red thread, a needle and some scissors.

Cross stitching is so easy, and with the help of these online alphabets you can write any message you like. I'm always on the lookout for new and amusing cross stitch slogans so feel free to post any ideas. Claire x

I am now selling personalised 'I love you' cross stitch slogans on Etsy. Click here for link

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