Friday, 28 January 2011

What I want to wear!

I've just been paid, after a January that seemed to last forever, yay! Now that my account is at last, not in the red, I'm beginning to eye up lots of clothes I want to buy. Here, sadly are just a few of them!

I love this cardi from Topshop. Apparently this season is all about 1970s style, and this garishly coloured Laura Ashley-esq top makes me smile.

These are unashamedly girly! These would have been my absolute dream shoes at the age of six. Red, patent, and complete with a bow, what more could a girl ask? They'd have blown my Clarks Magic Steps shoes outta the water. I know I'm not six but i still want them. They're from Office btw..
This cardi from Warehouse reminds me of a top my nan once had. It also makes me think of the roaring forties. I want to wear it with a pencil shirt and those tights with the black line up the seam, and do 'the twist' whilst living off rations.

I love these gloves by Donna Wilson. I'm sure they've not been cleared by Clarence House as official merchandise but they do make me laugh!

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