Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Guinea pig wedding

When my friend Dawn announced she was getting married I knew exactly what I wanted to make her. Dawn and her partner Matt had two pet guinea pigs who they loved. Dawn loved her long haired guinea so much that she named it 'dream pig' because it was her dream pet. So I decided if they were getting married, so should the pigs. Don't worry these aren't they're real pigs, I found some extremely life-like toy guinea pigs in a card shop in Barnes, West London. Then I got some netting, and mini silk roses from Hobbycraft to decorate the bride. For the male pig I made his top hat out of black felt and then stuffed it. His tie was just a burgundy ribbon. I even managed to find a scrap of blue lace to make my female pig a little garter! Dawn loved the pigs so much they took pride of place on the cake table at the reception.

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