Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What a cracker!

I've been busy lately coming up with a few simple homemade Christmas craft ideas for a local magazine.  They are dead simple to make and would make perfect festive gifts so I thought I'd share them with you over the next three posts...

Design and make your own pretty Christmas crackers using offcuts of wrapping paper. Choose a colour theme to run throughout and use a range of patterns to create a set of totally unique party crackers.

To make 4 crackers you will need: 
·      Four 20cm x 30cm rectangles of good quality wrapping paper in your choice of pattern (mine were from Paperchase)
·      6 cardboard toilet rolls
·      4 cracker snaps
·      4 tissue paper hats
·      Ribbon
·      Glue gun and glue sticks
·      A toy or sweet for inside the cracker
·      A tracing wheel (sometimes called paper perforator)
·      Ruler, pencil and scissors

1. Begin by cutting out a rectangle of wrapping roughly 20cm x 30cm.

2. Draw a line in pencil 10cm in from the short edge on both sides. Next use the tracing wheel to go over these lines. This will perforate the paper enabling the cracker to come apart when pulled. 

3. Next using the glue gun stick a cracker snap across the widest part of the paper at the bottom edge. Use a small amount of glue on each end of the snap.

4. Place three cardboard rolls in a line along the top of the paper  (opposite side of the cracker snaps) and carefully begin to roll the cracker. The middle one will stay inside, whilst those on the outer edges are there to shape the cracker and will be disposed of later. Just before you reach the cracker snap apply a few blobs of hot glue along the edge, then roll over to seal.

5. Gently pull one of the cardboard rolls at one end down and scrunch the paper together to close one end. Tie a piece of ribbon to keep it closed.

6. Now it’s time for you to insert your hats, toy or joke into the other end of the cracker. 

7. Finally seal the other end together by scrunching again and using a ribbon. Follow the same steps to make the next three crackers. 

8. To present your crackers gift wrap a small cardboard box, (a shoe box would be ideal) line it with tissue paper and fill with crackers.

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