Friday, 7 January 2011

I love POP

If you haven't already heard of POP bakery, I'm sure you soon will. The independent bakery set up by 22 year-old Clare O'Connell and her mum is rapidly becoming the new Hummingbird. This is just an example of the many beautiful cakes they offer. This 'Darling' cake is only £35, which is a real bargain, for such a pretty personalised cake. Clare's bakery has been receiving a lot of press lately mainly because of her totally unique cake toppers. These Russian Dolls and bride and groom toppers are an example of some of the quirky designs she produces. The toppers are made out of sponge dipped in icing, and then hand painted with edible paint.

Not only can these be purchased for a mere £2 but the best news is that Clare has just published a book showing you exactly how to make them yourself. I can't wait to my hands on a copy!

I will of course keep you posted as to when the book is out but in the meantime check out the bakery yourself here x

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  1. Hey Claire

    You might be interested in Gingercups, They do amazing cupcakes! I found them when I did a stall at Berkhamsted. x