Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Homemade Christmas decs

When it comes to making my own Christmas decorations I bloody love felt! It's the easiest material to use because it doesn't fray. I like to make to make loads of little decorations at Christmas, but I don't have the time to spend days doing it. So with my trusty sheets of felt I just cut out two sides of whatever shapes I want to make, maybe stuff them, maybe not, (depends how you feel) sew them  together and voila! I made this Father Christmas tache with a bit of ribbon, some cream felt, red thread and a bit fluff for stuffing.

This Christmas poo was a favorite addition to my tree. He was created in the same way as the tache except I sewed on his eyes, glued on his hat, and stitched on smiley face before completely sewing him together.

This tasty little fella was just as easy to make. His beady eyes and buttons, and gingerbread grin were put on first then his two sides were sewn together using two strands of white thread. All of these decorations took no longer than 30 minutes to make. Bring on next Christmas when I can make even more!

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