Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Animal jars

This set of animal-themed jars are perfect for presenting homemade preserves or filling with shop bought sweets. You can paint them all the same colour or alternatively use two or three complimenting shades. Give away as a set or individually as stocking fillers.

Materials- Makes 6
·      6 jam jars and lids
·      6 small plastic animals toys of your choice
·      Hot glue gun
·      1 can of spray paint in a colour of your choice (we used Liquitex acrylic paint spray)

1.  Wash your jam jars and lids in a dishwasher at a high temperature to sterilise them before starting. Next decide which plastic animals you want to glue to your lids.

2. Using a hot glue gun dab the underside of an animal with glue. Try to only glue its feet or base so the glue can’t be seen. Before the glue dries place the toy on top of a jam jar lid in the centre. Hold down for a few seconds then leave to dry. Don’t worry if the glue stretches and leaves a few hair-like strands as these can be easily picked of when dry.

3. Once all your animals are securely glued it’s time to paint them. You will need to do this outside. Place your lids on a table lined with newspaper. Follow the instructions on the can. The key to getting an even coat is to spray the lids a little at a time, leaving the paint to dry for a few seconds before spraying again. Gradually build the colour with short, even sprays. Once evenly covered with paint leave to dry outside for at least an hour.

4. Once dry you can fill your jars with homemade jam, chutney, sweets or chocolates. 

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